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2 more deaths on the Sun Highway'

Luni, 9 iulie 2007, 0:00

Two persons died after an automobile flip-flopped in the air and burst in flames on Monday, 20 km away from Constanta (Black Sea shore), on the highway to Bucharest.

The accident took place on the so called ‘death-highway’ due to the recent fatal accidents happening there. When the intervention team arrived at the scene, the car burned to scratches and the two passengers were found dead, declared Dumitru Tudorica, representative of the General Inspectorate for Emmergencies, in a live TV interview.

Police say the car was hit by a truck but no other details were made public so far.

One person died and another 12 were injured on the same highway on Friday as 19 cars crashed because of low visibility caused by burning fields.

Another person died after the car he was driving hit a truck on Saturday.

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