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First Romanian to reach the North Pole

‘Romania dries out and we talk about glaciers melting’

Luni, 9 iulie 2007, 0:00

Teodor Negoita is the first Romanian to reach the North Pole, after he previously took part in 14 expeditions in the two frozen regions of the world. Negoita talked on Saturday in detail about global warming and desertification in an interview for

Teodor Negoita leads the only Romanian research base in Antarctica and warns that global warming could irreversibly affect an area with inestimable scientific value.

When talking about Romania, the explorer suggests a law binding all citizens to plant at least one tree in their lifetime, as there have been massive deforestations which have a say in the recent climate change in our country.

Romania’s natural equilibrium is destroyed due to the deforestation of more than 60% of the existing woods. Negoita argues that, aside oxygen, trees absorb air pollution, clean the air and bring rain.

The Romanian explorer warns that instead of talking of global climate changes, one has to take into consideration the local effects of climate changes and thus take action to prevent it.

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