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Dracula's castle in Romania on sale

Marţi, 3 iulie 2007, 0:00


The Bran Castle, the embodyment of Romania's most widely recognized icon, Dracula, has been put sale by its owner, Dominic de Habsburg, an American investment company announced, as quoted by the New York Times in its online edition today.

The price has yet to be announced, but the executive director of the Baytree Capital, Michael Gardner, the official representative of the Habsburg family estimates that the castle will be sold for over 135 million dollars.

The castle, situated in Bran near the city of Brasov in south Transylvania, reverberated great controversy in Romania due to its retrocession to the actual owners.

The retrocession was highly contested by officials, who argue that the Castle should remain in the national patrimony of Romania. The move was eventually considered legal but the owner was due to preserve the Castle’s role as a tourism destination for three years.

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