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200 MN euros budgetary surplus in five months

Joi, 28 iunie 2007, 0:00

The general consolidated budget for the first five months of the year had an 606.7 million lei surplus (some 200 million euros), representing 0.16% of the gross domestic product and 0.3% than the same figure at the end of April. According to the Economy Ministry, the total income was 47.75 billion lei, while the expenses were 47.15 billions, representing 12.2% of the GNP and 12.1%, respectively.

Social insurance contributions were 15 billion lei, some 3.9% of the GNP, while VAT brought 10.18 billion lei (2.6% of the GNP).

Profit and income taxes added up to 10.77 billion lei (2.8% of the GNP), while excises were 1.1 % of the GNP, some 4.4 billion lei.

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