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Romania delegation boycotts Europe's Parliamentarian Assembly

Joi, 28 iunie 2007, 0:00

The Romanian delegation in the European Council's Parliamentarian Assembly decided to cease its participation in the Assembly's activities until Dick Marty, the author of the CIA secret prisons in Romania and Poland, "will come in person and verify the so-called information and evidence that supposedly accuse Romania".

"Reasserting that in Romania there have not existed any sites under other State's jurisdiction (...), expressing its consternation towards the categorical refusal of the rapporteur to accept the repeated invitations of the Romanian authorities to carry out field visits and regretting deeply the disregard of the offer of the same authorities to grant access to any location considered suspect (...)
The Delegation of the Romanian Parliament announces that it will no longer take part in the PACE's activities until the rapporteur will come personally to Romania in order to check the so-called information and proofs that represent the basis of the incrimination of our country, accused to have hosted secret detention centers", the letter reads.

Dick Marty's report is based on the statements of over 30 Europe and US secret service officials. Both Romanian and Polish authorities strongly denied the allegations.

The Swiss official claims that the identity of the sources must be concealed, given the fact that the statements they made may bring high treason accusation from their States.

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