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Former Transport Minister heard in corruption case

Joi, 28 iunie 2007, 0:00

The prosecutors in the National Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (DNA) heard Miron Mitrea, former Transport Minister, on Thursday, in the case of a very bad deal on terrain transfer in the Northern edge of Bucharest. Mitrea is under criminal investigation in the file, for abuse in office.

Miron Mitrea was accused by the "Utilitarian Aviation" Co. for refusing to abide an irrevocable Justice decision referring to the property over some 2.3 hectares of land near a main national road.

The terrain, part of a larger (8.9 hectares) surface claimed by the Utilitarian Aviation company was exchanged by Mitrea with a natural person with an 11 million dollars prejudice.

The natural person offered 2.5 hectares of worthless terrain hosting the utilities of the Baneasa airport - and, therefore, useless for any exploitation - with 2.3 hectares in one of the most wanted residential areas in Bucharest, without any accounting expertise.

The accusation of false statements came after Mitrea said that he was unaware of the litigation on the field, but it was proved that he was the one to approve the transfer.

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