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What the newspapers say: June 28, 2007

Joi, 28 iunie 2007, 0:00

Suddenly encouraged by the European Commission's report on the anti-corruption progress in Romania, prosecutors decided to open a new criminal investigation against the former prime minister, Adrian Nastase. Former president Ion Iliescu also visited a Military Court.
But one would be a dreamer to believe this means something for the two high officials. While Iliescu made some comments about "corrupt judges", Nastase prepares to return as head of the Social Democrat party.

Adrian Nastase and former Agriculture Minister Ilie Sirbu are under investigation for some activities during their mandate, Cotidianul reads.
The Anti-graft Prosecution Office (DNA) opened a new file on Nastase's name, in the case of a health care clinic, Euromedic, paid by the National Health Insurance Home (CNASS) with a fixed amount - 3 million euros per year - regardless the number of interventions. After the first three years, it was clear that the clinic has prices three or four times larger that other private labs.
The same article in Cotidianul reads about the way the National Tobacco privatization turned into a fraud, now involving the former Agriculture Minister, Ilie Sarbu.

Under these circumstances, Adrian Nastase found proper to declare in a TV show that he intends to return as head of the main Opposition party, Social Democrats (PSD), Evenimentul Zilei reads.
Forgetting about his three criminal files, Nastase is preoccupied with his party's free fall in polls, from 37% to 17-20%.

Former president Ion Iliescu isn't feeling any better, being officially informed on Wednesday about the charges against him. Iliescu is accused of instigation to mayhem in 1990, during the tragic events when the miners arrived in Bucharest to disperse an anti-Communist meeting, Cotidianul reads.

Most newspapers cover, naturally, the European Commission's report on Romania. The synthesis of the entire deal is the title in Evenimentul Zilei: Praised prosecutors, criticized judges.

But, since political scandals always sell, the EC report, widely commented on all TV stations, doesn't get to cover as much space as the latest argument between president Basescu and PM Tariceanu, who now quarrel on the drought.

President Basescu announced he demanded a full report on the "good, but ridiculous" solutions found by the government in batting the drought. Tariceanu says that Basescu will be informed and maybe will even give a helping hand, in case he's able to help, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

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