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International media about European Commission's report on Romania

de     Financial Times
Miercuri, 27 iunie 2007, 0:00

The international media largely cover the EC report on Romania and Bulgaria, noting mainly the "warnings", "summoning" and "criticism" addressed to the two countries.
The news agencies and the newspapers note that the two countries "ducked" the sanctions, but insist on how severe the message was in fact.

"Bulgaria and Romania escape sanctions, but not criticism" is the title in EUObserver .
"EU home affairs commissioner Franco Frattini, together with Bulgarian commissioner Meglena Kuneva and their Romanian colleague Leonard Orban, say the critical remarks are too strong and should be toned down.

The trio has reportedly met with reluctance from the rest of the commission, reflecting the mood in some EU capitals, questioning the political health of the two countries", the paper reads.

Also in the EUObserver, an article covers the way Franco Frattini had to answer the media questions on why he was so indulging with the insufficient progress made by the two countries. "It is not a blaming and shaming exercise. Our reports are honest, fair and balanced", Mr. Frattini told the press room, according to the publication.

According to the British daily The Times, Romania and Bulgaria flunked the exam on fighting corruption and organized crime, but were not sanctioned because some post-accession progress existed.

Bloomberg quotes the European Commission officials, saying that "Bulgaria and Romania must intensify their fight against corruption and organized crime or face curbs on their rights as members of the European Union."

French daily Le Figaro comments that on the EU backstage, Germany and the European Parliament are the most active supporters of imposing sanctions on Romania and Bulgaria, who joined the EU "too early".

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