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Romanian Deputies adopt changes to National Integration Administration law

Marţi, 26 iunie 2007, 0:00

Romanian deputies adopted with majority vote on Tuesday a series of modifications the government has made to the National Integration Administration (ANI) law. The ANI law, set to monitor the wealth of Romanian dignitaries, is an important step in the Romanian judicial reform.

The changes, proposed by current Minister of Justice Tudor Chiuariu, were integrated into an emergency ordinance which amended the law. The modifications took into account EU recommendations to assure that the applicability of the registered progress.

An important rectification is that ANI becomes an independent agency as Senate loses its juristiction over the new body. The ANI ordinance was adopted with 187 votes in favor, one against and one abstention.

Another rectification called for by the minister of Justice regards the decrease in the sum which triggers the investigation upon the wealth of an official from 20.000 Euros to 10.000 Euros. The sum represents the difference quantum between the initial wealth and the wealth after a public mandate of an official.

For now, the ordinance was adopted only by the House of Deputies and it is due to be debated in the Senate - the decision body in this case - most probably during the autumn session.

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