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Euro at its five-year lowest against Romanian leu on Thursday

Joi, 21 iunie 2007, 0:00

Romanian national currency leu (RON) appreciated against euro on Thursday reaching its highest the European single currency since June 2002, as the exchange rate decreased to 3.1999 RON/euro. The rate announced by the National Bank of Romania is smaller by 1 RON as compared to the 3.2126 RON/euro reported on Wednesday.

In the first part of the transaction session, euro grew to 3.2080 RON but after 11 o’clock the Romanian currency reached its opening level. Later on, the Romanian leu continued to increase, overcoming yesterday’s level.

As compared to the US dollar, the Romanian leu appreciated from 2.3926 RON/USD on Wednesday to 2.3911 RON/USD today. The National Bank calculates the RON/dollar rapport depending on the international market evolution.

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