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High temperature and drought hit Romanian energy system

Joi, 21 iunie 2007, 0:00

The drought that's been affecting Romania for the last couple of months reduced the electrical energy production of the main hydro-electric power station, Portile de Fier, by 40%, the NewsIn news agency has reported. If the situation prolongues, the nuclear reactor at Cernavoda, SE Romania could be shut down, offcials from the nuclear plant told the news agency.

The sources explain that the energy production and the flow of Danube, the main river in Romania, are directly proportional with one another. The energy production in the hydro-stations work with the help of internal waters and thus present a normal debit, since the lakes have a filling level of 70%.

Specialists argue that, if the situation continues, the electricity production might be affected. Sources say that they have prevented these problems so far by decreasing the amont of energy given to contracted clients, as they predicted a dry summer.

Regarding the possible shutting down of the nuclear plant in Cernavoda, the only one in Romania, Teodor Chirica, the general director said that if the temperatures increase, such a decision would not be delayed.

The first unit of Cernavoda had been shut down in the summer of 2003 between August 24th and September 19th because of the drought for lacking enough water to cool it down.

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