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Mohamed Munaf appeals against execution

Miercuri, 20 iunie 2007, 0:00

The guide and translator of the three Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq, Mohamed Munaf, appealed to the US Supreme Court in his attempt to escape the death sentence. Munaf is currently detained by the US army in Iraq, were a local court sentenced him to death for involvement in the kidnapping.

53-year old Munaf, Romanian and US citizen of Iraqi origin, was arrested immediately after the three journalists were released. Judged and sentenced to death, he will be executed as soon as he's released to the Iraqi authorities.

Munaf appealed to the US Justice claiming he didn't have a fair trial.

In April, the Federal Appeal Court in Washington considered it has no authority in his case, since he's detained by an international force and sentenced by a sovereign state.

The Supreme Court will announce in autumn whether it will involve or not in the case.

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