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US troops in high pub bill scandal in Constanta, Romania

Marţi, 19 iunie 2007, 0:00

Two US troops clashed with bodyguards because of the high bill they received at a pub in the Romanian seaside city of Constanta on Tuesday, according to TV news reports. The two US soldiers were outraged when they learned that they had to pay the equivalent of about 90 euro for two glasses of whiskey, two beers and two energy drinks.

The soldiers, based at the US military camp in Mihail Kogalniceanu near the Romanian Black Sea coast, refused to pay the bill, which prompted the owner of the bar to call the bodyguards. A fierce argument was followed by violence as the troops broke a glass wall of the restaurant.

US military police were forced to intervene and took the two soldiers with them. Local authorities said an investigation into the case was under way.

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