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Liberal elected mayor of Moldovan capital Chisinau

Luni, 18 iunie 2007, 0:00

Dorin Chirtoaca (Photo: Rompres)

A candidate for the Liberal Party defeated his communist rival in the fight for the city hall of Chisinau, the capital of the Moldovan Republic, in local elections on Sunday. Preliminary data show Liberal Dorin Chirtoaca defeated Communist Veaceslav Iordan in the second round of elections for the seat of Chisinau mayor.

Partial results announced by the local electoral council shows Chirtoaca received the support of 58.83% of Chisinau voters, compared to 41.17% for Iordan, Moldpres news agency reports. The total turnout at the Chisinau polls stood at 35.8%.

For the second round of elections, Chirtoaca received the backing of several non-communist parties, while Iordan was supported by the pro-Russia bloc Ravnopravie-Patria-Rodina.

Turnout stood below 50% in second round of local elections, held in about half of Moldovan town halls on Sunday. Preliminary data showed 41% of Moldovan people voted on Sunday - much below the 51% turnout recorded in the first round of the poll on the June 3.

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