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Court suspends decision to halt Arpechim activity

Marţi, 12 iunie 2007, 0:00

A court in Pitesti, south Romania has accepted a request by Romanian oil company Petrom to suspend a decision that had the local Environment Protection Agency halt activities at Petrom’s Arpechim refinery for a period of up to six months, the NewsIn news agency reports. The refinery will continue its activities until a judicial decision is made on the essence of the company’s problems.

The Pitesti court decision can be challenged within five days. The head of the Pitesti-based environmental agency, Marius Stanca, told that his institution will appeal.

The Regional Agency for Environment Protection-Pitesti suspended the environment authorization for Arpechim in late May because Petrom failed to comply with a series of commitments to improve the installations at the plant.

The decision would automatically bring production activities at Arpechim to a halt for a period of six months. Should Arpechim fail to solve its environment protection issues within the period, the Agency could annul the environment authorization for good.

Arpechim covers half of fuel production at Petrom, Romania’s main oil operator owned by Austrian group OMV.

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