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Dick Marty report mistakes 19 century statesman for Romanian president

Luni, 11 iunie 2007, 0:00

Dick Marty (Photo: AP)

The Dick Marty report adopted by the Judicial Commission of the Council of Europe, saying Romanian authorities have allowed the CIA to operate secret prisons on Romanian territory makes a series of errors that have been noticed by readers.

One such error is that it names Mihail Kogalniceanu - a top political leader of 19 century Romania - the “first president of Romania”.

The report writes that “Aeroportul International Mihail Kogalniceanu Constanta (AIMKC) is the new name of the airport.

It was previously called simply Aeroportul International Constanta (AIC), but - according to its current Director General - took on the additional MK in its name in order to benefit from the “free publicity” generated by the media scandal over CIA flights allegedly having landed at MK Airfield.

Mihail Kogalniceanu was the first President of Romania and - in addition to the MK Airfield - also gave his name to a town about 50 kilometres north of Constanta. Romanians tell me it was the first town in the country to have an entirely literate population.”

Mihail Kogalniceanu was a politician that held a key role in the reforms that Romania went through prior and after the 1948 revolution and served as prime minister and Foreign minister in several governments in the second half of the 19 century.

The report also writes that the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan was managed by Romanian troups between 2004-2006, while the Romanian military took over the control of the airport as late as March 2006.

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