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Council of Europe report: Romania, Poland hosted secret CIA prisons

Vineri, 8 iunie 2007, 0:00


The Council of Europe rapporteur for Human Rights Dick Marty is expected on Friday to present his final report on the secret CIA prison scandal, in front of the Parliamentarian Assembly in Strasbourg. International media published fragments of the report before the official presentation.

Daily International Herald Tribune reads that now there is firm evidence of secret detention facilities in Romania and Poland and that security agents reported directly to president Iliescu and, later, Basescu, about the ongoing operations.

The same information is also published by the UK daily The Guardian.

UPDATE: Juridical Commission of the European Council adopts "CIA prisons in Romania" report
The Juridical Commission of the European Council Parliamentarian Assembly adopted Dick Marty's report in which Romania and Poland illegally hosted CIA prisons. Immediately after the decision, the Romanian Defense Ministry issued a press release, claiming that "the report doesn't bring any evidence on the allegations, except for anonymous sources, with no degree of credibility established".

Although both the Romanian and the Polish government denied at the time, investigators are certain that prisons where Al Qaeda members were tortured existed and that Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski and Romania presidents Ion Iliescu and Traian Basescu were aware of their existence.

Dick Marty says that his report is based on testimonies of secret services employees from both Europe and the US.

The Guardian also informs in its electronic edition that CIA had detention centers in Europe, where terrorism suspects were tortured.

"What was previously just a set of allegations is now proven: large numbers of people have been abducted from various locations across the world and transferred to countries where they have been persecuted and where it is known that torture is common practice", says Marty, quoted by The Guardian.

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