Two days after president Basescu's speech in the Parliament, politicians still have no idea what was the kind of Government he asked for. Blaming some language subtleties, instead of thinking about the "normality of having the Government resigned and early elections organized", parliamentarians begun to analyze phrases in Basescu's speech.

"What kind of Government Basescu wants and what did parties understand" is the title in Gandul. Sources close to the president say he would like a Democrat - Liberal government "cleaned" of all the members who stood up against Basescu, including prime minister Tariceanu.

The phrase that stirred the bewilderment of MPs was "the criteria to design a legitimate cabinet must be found in the results of the 2004 elections and of the May 19 referendum".

Officials of the Opposition Social Democrats (PSD) seem to believe the phrase was a slight suggestion that Democrats (PD) and Social Democrats may govern together.

A Liberal leader, House of Deputies speaker Bogdan Olteanu, claims also that Basescu pushes the Democrats towards Social Democrats. Liberal - Democrat vice president Cristian Boureanu sees either early elections or the same PSD - PD alliance.

Former presidential counselor Elena Udrea was the only one to explain the possibility of having the Democrats working along with a "cleaned up" Liberal Party, Gandul reads.

Things seem a bit more clear for Cotidianul, where the headline refers to reviving the Alliance which won the elections in 2004 (with a very tight score), with a Liberal party without PM Tariceanu and "oligarch" Dinu Patriciu.

Meanwhile, Democrats try to score against Liberals, submitting a motion against the Government, entitled "The Tariceanu Govt. must leave!". After a small problem on Thursday, when they tries to table the motion with only 115 signatures instead of 116, the problem was solved and the motion might become official on Friday, Jurnalul National reads.

One thing is clear about PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu: he won't resign, as the same Jurnalul National reads today. Even more, Tariceanu claims that the Government "should mind it's own business and not waste time thinking who has the power".

On the other hand, Cotidianul found out that Tariceanu is seeking the support of the main Opposition party, Social Democrats, and will soon meet the PSD head, Mircea Geoana, for negotiations.

Not playing as safe as in negotiations, PM Tariceanu went through some embarrassing moments on Thursday, when the speech he was about to hold was almost identically held by the Economy Minister, Varujan Vosganian, Gandul informs, a fact that made the new fiscal strategy seem like some less important news.

In other news:

- Jurnalul National: Verestoy Attila (see Senator suspect of cheating in stock market game) defends himself saying that the anti-graft prosecutors are not investigating a case, but a person, making it look like a personal vendetta.

- Gandul, Romania Libera: Adrian Nastase can't justify 400,000 dollars received by his wife in a bank account in the so-called "Aunt Tamara scandal". Nastase was sent to court in the second corruption file on his name.