Prosecutors of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) ordered on Thursday that ex-prime minister Adrian Nastase and the head of the National Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering Ioan Melinescu be brought to court. Nastase, who led the Social-Democratic government of 2000-2004, is charged with bribery in a resounding case involving his fortune.

And Melinescu faces a series of charges including bribe-taking and leaking sensitive data, a DNA press release says.

Nastase named Melinescu in office shortly after he took over as prime minister while concomitantly revoking Office head Cucu Adrian and another top representative of the institution who was investigating how 400,000 USD had landed in an account of prime minister’s wife, Dana Nastase. Checks had shown that the incomes of Adrian and Dana Nastase could not explain the money.

The Nastases later argued that the money was placed in the account by an aunt of Dana’s, Tamara Cenasov, sparking a huge media scandal known as the “Aunt Tamara” scandal.