Omar Hayssam, the first Romanian citizen charged with terrorism for involvement in the kidnapping of three Romanian journalists in Iraq, sees the trial in Romania coming to an end, although he was judged “in absence” after he fled Romania.

Still, Hayssam wrote a letter to the case judge, promising hot unveilings, supposed to be broadcast by the Antena3 TV station.

Omar Hayssam asked the judge not to end the trial on Thursday, as expected, but to expect the hearing of some Iraqi witnesses. Hayssam claims that the court hasn’t made the necessary steps to hear the Iraqi witnesses and his supposed accomplice, Mohammad Munaf.

Hayssam also accuses torture practices and says that the defense witnesses no longer support their first statements.

Repeatedly accused of economic crimes, Hayssam fled Romania in June 2006, when he was temporarily released from prison due to medical reasons, a gesture that made all Intelligence Services resign.