In the speech held today in front of the reunited Parliamentarian chambers president Traian Basescu reminded the dignitaries that 75% of the populace vote in favor of his return to office and against their attempt to suspend him.

"In a country governed by true democracy, the result of the referendum would have automatically caused the Government to resign and to organize early elections. I am sad to see that some of our officials continue to support the 'original' democracy", said Basescu.

After demonstrating that the only democratic solution would be the early elections, Basescu enumerated the priorities he pleaded for during the referendum campaign, including an unicameral, or at least less numerous Parliament, an "Europe - compliant" Constitution, more money and less centralization for the education system, a better health care system and more attention to the civil organizations when in front of a critical decision.

"Three quarters - 322, a number that was heard of all around the world - of the Parliament voted in favor of my suspension, and also three quarters of the populace voted for my return. As a mediator between the people and the political class, I am here to tell you that some of the Parliamentarians no longer represent the will of their electors.

In the 2004 elections, as well as on May 19, the Romanians voted for a better governing of their country. I have to signal you that an abyss has grown between you and those who elected you.

After the consultations I had with the parties, I understand - and I regret - that early elections are not an acceptable solution welcome by any of the parties. But I remind you that elections are coming this year for the European Parliament and next year for the local elections.

It is preposterous to have, after the results of the referendum, any pretension to keep representing the electors", Basescu added.