President Traian Basescu will address on Wednesday the senators and deputies, discussing mainly the results of the consultations he had on Monday with the leaders of Parliamentarian political parties.

The target of today's discussion is to establish a clear parliamentarian majority, able to support a governmental cabinet until the 2008 elections.

Subjects like the uninominal vote - already agreed upon during the consultations - and the Lustration Law, as well as the national security laws, may be also approached during the meeting today.

Parliamentarians established that the presidential speech will not be subject for debates, but it will be acknowledged.

Representatives of the far right Great Romania Party announced they will boycott the speech, given the fact that, as they consider, "the president only comes to defy the 322 parliamentarians who suspended him from the office".

Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu also announced the opening of a round of consultations with the political parties, during the following week.