Most UK, German and Italian citizens consider that there are too many illegal immigrants in their countries, a poll conducted by Novatris/Harris Interactiv, published on Friday by International Herald Tribune, indicates.

67% of the UK respondents, 55% of Italians, 55% of the Germans, 45% of the Spanish and 32% of the French who answered the questions said they don’t want their countries to accept large numbers of immigrants without the proper paperwork.

35% of the US citizens believe there are too many illegal immigrants in the States.

A large majority in the countries where the study was conducted consider that an immigration quota should be instated (80% of the UK and 62% of the French respondents).

On the other hand, most respondents say that illegal immigrants shouldn’t get any help until they solve their legal status (80% of Italians, 79% of UK, 62% of French and 60% of Spanish respondents).

50% of all European respondents consider the immigrants’ integration process as a failure.