The allies of the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovich, took over the control of some important buildings and prepare to organize huge demonstrations. According to AFP, Ukraine president Viktor Yushcenko has issued a presidential decree taking over the control of the Interior Ministry.

The tensions between the president and the prime minister reborn on Thursday, when Yushchenko sacked Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, Sviatoslav Piskun, a close collaborator of PM Yanukovich.

Piskun was dismissed several times during the past month, but was reinstated each time by the Constitutional Court.

Although Piskun seemed to obey the president’s decision, the situation degenerated and several parliamentarians and policemen loyal to the prosecutor general tried to occupy the Prosecution Office headquarters.

The former Soviet republic goes through a political crisis begun two months ago, after Yushchenko dismissed the Parliament and called for early elections.