Thursday, president Traian Basescu was absent from most media, including news broadcasts and some newspapers, after the Romanian Press Club (CRP) demanded a 24-hour boycott against him, as penalty for abusing a journalist on May 19.

On Friday, on the other hand, most newspapers tell about Basescu's attempt to negotiate a new Parliamentarian majority and speculate on various majority formulas.

"A day without Basescu on TV" is the headline in Evenimentul Zilei, which reminds that the public TV station, TVR, as well as the most important commercial stations, Antena 1 and Pro TV, refused to broadcast any news about the president.

Even the "Sinteza Zilei" (The Day's Review) on Antena 3, where Basescu is usually the main subject, focused on the new alliances required to form a stable government.

The boycott comes after the president confiscated a mobile phone from a journalist and called her "stinky Gipsy" (the curse was recorded on the phone".

The same Evenimentul Zilei publishes an article about the way political parties react to the need for a new governing alliance, mainly for fear of early elections.

The paper finds as most plausible ways to govern a Liberal - Hungarian Minority cabinet, without a parliamentarian majority, which may function for a short while, at least until the first elections for the European Parliament.

The second most plausible choice is for the same formula to get support from the main Opposition Party, the Social Democrats.

Meanwhile, president Traian Basescu invited the leaders of all political parties to negotiate a "transparent majority", which should be assumed by the Parliament, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Regardless the interest Liberals seem to have in teaming up with the Social Democrats (PSD), the European Socialists announced that they are against PSD joining the Government.

Still, in case the move is necessary, Socialist EPs say Liberals should be preferred to president Basescu and Democrats, the only party that needs to be avoided being the far-right Great Romania, Gandul reads Gandul.

In other parties, the situation is just as critical as with Liberals and PSD. In the UDMR (Hungarian Minority's Democratic Alliance), senator Peter Eckstein Kovacs demanded the resignation of the party head, Marko Bela.

Eckstein says that all leaders should assume the responsibility for the referendum failure and step back, Cotidianul reads.

Liberal - Democrats, formed by Liberal leaders dismissed or resigned from the party, opened a campaign against Liberals, calling them corrupt and fake Liberals who caused the party's fall, Cotidianul reads.

The chaos in the politics could not avoid expanding to other areas. The Finance Ministry is in the situation of fining itself, after the "Proprietatea" (Property) fund failed meet the deadline to submit it financial situation.

"Proprietatea" is a fund formed with state-owned shares at various companies, built to offer compensations for those who suffered wealth confiscations during the Communist era. It is currently owned by the Finance Ministry (99.026% of the social capital), Gandul reads.

Same Gandul found out about the latest International Labor Organization report, which includes Romania on its black list for the second time in five years.

According to the website, institution experts found that the fines for employers who don't respect the labor legislation are so low that most employers would rather pay the fines than respect the laws.

Romania reached the sad record of ranking 11th out of 179 countries analyzed in the report, surpassed only by countries like Columbia, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Belarus or Chile,

Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu is the subject of a new media scandal, after Evenimentul Zilei found that his university degree as "lecturer" was illegally obtained, given the fact that the institution that offered the degree had legal problems with its rector since 2004 and none of the titles were ever approved by the Education Ministry.

Same Chiuariu offers an interview for Jurnalul National, in which he complains about the lack of efficiency in the anti-graft campaign. Roughly criticized for trying to replace one of the prosecutors in DNA (National Anti Corruption Prosecution Office), Chiuariu claims he only made a suggestion addressed to the Superior Judges' Council.

The Justice Minister says that Romania has no reason to fear the activation of the EU safeguarding clauses of Justice, according to the newspaper.

With or without safeguarding clauses, Romania has true problems, and international organizations aren't shy in pointing at these problems.

Transparency International Romania, for example, considers that Romania has made some progress but that the corruption level increased during the past year, the political war also involving state institutions whit anti-corruption attributions, Jurnalul National reads.