The Romanian Justice system is more interested in sanctioning rather than preventing and controlling the acts of corruption. Still, few cases of high level corruption get to receive serious sentences, according to the data on Romania of the latest Transparency International report on worldwide corruption, published on Thursday.

TI Romania also published a “National Report on Corruption-2007” today, which says small-time corruption and the influence of politics on the justice system are eroding social cohesion in the country. There are two systems applied: one for the rich and another for the poor, which lead to fractures within the community, the TI report says.

“People need renewed campaigns of education on graft, campaigns that should focus strictly on the type of mentality specific to Romanians”, TI Romania director Victor Alistar said today.

The report says corruption within the Justice system comes in two forms - political meddling with judicial procedures and graft.

But the report also depicts positive aspects over the past year, including a law on the access to information of public interest, which was changed twice in one day, part of the changes to the Criminal Code and others.

While not happened during the period covered by the report (April 2006-March 2007), the recent adoption of a law establishing the National Agency for Integrity, aimed at keeping the wealth of dignitaries in check, was hailed by TI Romania.