President Traian Basescu strongly rejected on Wednesday the decision announced by the National Anti-Discrimination Council (CNCD), after the institution decided to issue a formal warning for his verbal abuse against a journalist.

In May 19, the same day when the referendum for maintaining or removing Basescu from the office, he was accidentally recorded while referring to the journalist as "stinky Gipsy". The blunder took place after Basescu, extremely annoyed", took the journalist's phone and put it in his pocket.

The head of state considers as "unacceptable" for a private conversation that wouldn't have caused any public effects to be analyzed by any of the state's institutions. Basescu went as far as to compare the incident with the methods used by the Communist political police, Securitate.

Even more, Basescu warned that a dangerous precedent is being created, any family discussion being from now on a possible subject for state institutions.

Traian Basescu also declared that he regrets the incident and accused the employer of journalist Andreea Pana of using it in building a case able to justify the often critical position of the TV station.

The president apologized to both the Roma community and the journalist.