Massively re-confirmed as president, Traian Basescu faces new problems: the Romanian Press Club (CRP) is about to submit a criminal complaint against him after he called a journalist "stinky Gypsy".

The party supporting Basescu isn't any happier, the only choices it has for a stable government being to make peace with the "treacherous Liberals" or to couple with the long-time Social Democrat "enemies".

Social Democrats (PSD) talked about seven hours on Tuesday, trying to decide whether they should join the Government or not, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

On one hand, PSD doesn't have any reason to provoke early elections. On the other, some PSD leaders are tempted by joining Democrats (PD) in the future government: "We saw we can't make things happen as Opposition. Maybe we can do it better in the Government" said PSD head of branch Ioan Rus, according to the newspaper.

PSD head Mircea Geoana doesn't think too much about the future, being too concerned with finding out what went wrong with the referendum. In his discussions with the heads of county branches, Geoana blamed the "scarecrow" allies during the campaign.

"I think our main problem was that we couldn't provide a credible option, not as persons, but as party", said Geoana, as quoted by Romania Libera.

Regardless what others think, the "string man" in PSD, Viorel Hrebenciuc, sees all solutions deriving from maths. Cotidianul found one of Hrebenciuc's private notes wrote during the seven-hour meeting, with simple additions proving that the only choices are a PSD-PD government or early elections.

From other sources, Gandul found out that Democrats would accept PSD member Vasile Puscas as head of the government. Puscas is Romania's chief negotiator for the European Union accession.

Same sources say that Democrats oscillate between installing a "national union" government" or a technocrat cabinet.

Beyond pulling strings and behind the press releases and gossips, Evenimentul Zilei discovers the sad truth: it has all been a show and nothing more.

The newspaper analyzes the way Basescu and his main Social Democrat opponent, Mircea Geoana, acted on stage and the way they used soundtracks to emphasize their speeches. In show-biz, Basescu was better by a mile, and this might have been his success recipe, the newspaper comments.

Meanwhile, Liberals seem to have lost direction. Some senators in the party say that an alliance including Social Democrats won't be accepted and that turning towards Opposition would be a better choice.

Still, the head of the Liberal Dialogue Group, Viorel Catarama, suggested that it may not be too late for making peace with Basescu and maintain the same governing formula as before the political crisis, according to Cotidianul.

While it seems - in politics - that Basescu won everything he could win, a new scandal around him is about to burst. After the incident on May 19, when he called a journalist "stinky Gipsy", the Romanian Press Club decided to submit a criminal complaint against the president, Jurnalul National and most other newspapers inform.

In other news:

- Jurnalul National: A 30,000 year-old skull belonging to a child comes to complete the Earth's oldest modern man family, formed by Ion, Vasile and Maria. The remains of the three were found in a Romanian cave, with the exact location still undisclosed.

- Evenimentul Zilei: Telecomm minister Zsolt Nagy, already accused in an espionage file, spent a holiday in Bulgaria having the trip paid for by Stamen Stantchev, the man accused of organizing the espionage network.

Both men, along with the former Economy Minister, Codrut Seres, are part of a scandal around unveiling classified information in some strategic privatizations.

- Evenimentul Zilei: The car registration tax, modified by the Romanian government so that it would be more "European" must become law in less than a month.