A vice-president of the Democratic Party (PD), deputy Romeo Raicu, resigned from Parliament on Tuesday. He told HotNews.ro that he made the decision as he refused to belonged to a body that does not have the trust of the population or the decency to take it into account.

“My resignation is a protest and I believe the only solution to regain the credibility of the Parliament would be early elections”, he said.

His statement comes three days after a referendum where people had their say on whether President Traian Basescu, who had been suspended with a large majority by the Parliament, should return to power or be dismissed. Basescu, supported by Raicu’s PD party, reported a landslide victory seen by many as a vote of blame for the majority of MPs who voted to suspend him.

Raicu said he would remain a member of the PD.

Starting September 2004, he served as head of the special House&Senate Commission for parliamentary control over the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service.