Senator Peter Eckstein (Hungarian Democratic Union - UDMR) and former Justice Minister Monica Macovei agreed during the that the majority of all expressed votes must decide whether the suspended president will be expelled or not. In the previous version of the referendum law, a majority of all electors on lists was required.

"It's not normal for the people to go to vote and to have someone else decide what the law really says", said Macovei.

Senator Peter Eckstein, head of the senatorial Juridical Commission - also referred to the recent law for the opening of a National Integrity Agency (ANI), which also suffered "castrating modifications".

Former Justice Minister Macovei believes that the ANI law, in its final form, "is a way to protect the . The minute politicians begun to be investigated, they united". This is the way the economic interests function regardless the political color, Macovei believes.