The voting process doesn't face many problems, except for some mishaps in Australia. Romanians in Melbourne stood in line because of the lack of voting bulletins. The situation was solved by the local copy machine, electors being allowed to express their votes on photocopies.

Only 400 Romanians out of a community of thousands have voted until the last update, more that the 180 votes recorded during the 2004 elections.

A large number of Romanians voted in Vienna before noon. Some 5,000 electors are expected through the day, not including transit and Romanians who do not have their permanent home in Austria. The short time required to fill in the forms and the information accessibility significantly eased the process.

In Rome, Italy, the situation is fine at both voting stations, (Accademia di Romania and the Embassy's Consular section, according to Miruna Cajvaneanu, spokesperson for the Romanians' Party in Italy.