The Pro-Democracy Association (APD) centralized the management and organizing problems signaled by citizens about today's referendum.

The main issues refer to the access to voting booths, the lack of road signs leading to the voting stations, the lack of order in the permanent lists and some lack of knowledge of the voting stations' commissions when it comes to persons voting outside their home localities.

APD has 2,300 observers spread in mainly rural and also some urban locations in Romania, 38 observers in other countries and 5 international observers accredited through the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO).

The most important problem spotted by the observers is the possibility to improperly use the mobile booths. Mobile booths can not be demanded verbally, according to the regulations, but only by submitting a written demand to the voting station.

Problems can be signaled to the toll-free number 0800 07 100.