Romania’s suspended President Traian Basescu renewed his attacks on his predecessor Ion Iliescu in a TV show on Monday night, saying that Romania’s longest-serving president was not morally entitled to accuse him of breaching the Constitution.

Basescu said that military prosecutors may apparently include “charges of genocide” in a case related to Iliescu’s role in the 1989 Revolution.

That, according to Basescu, would have prompted Iliescu to become a key actor in mobilizing Romanian MPs to vote for his suspension in April this year. That is because Iliescu’s interest was to block the procedures in two cases he’s involved in - that of the 1989 Revolution and that of the so-called miners’ crusades in 1990 (violent marches my miners into Bucharest).

Ion Iliescu, a former communist apparatchik who rose to power in the midst of the 1989 Revolution, served as President between 1990-1996 and 2000-2004.

According to a top prosecutor involved in the two cases, the Revolution case will be sent to court in autumn this year, while the one related to the miners’ crusades is to be concluded by June-July this year.