Romania, Bulgaria and three member states of the European Free Trade Association - Norway, Island and Liechtenstein, sign an accord for the accession of Romania and Bulgaria in the European Economic Area in Brussels on Monday. The EFTA-EEA countries agreed to provide a financial contribution of about 100 million euro through two mechanisms for Romania until April 2009.

As the accord will go through a process of approval representatives of the Economy Ministry in Bucharest will conclude talks with representatives of the EFTA-EEA countries to establish and approve the rules to implement the two financial mechanisms as soon as possible to allow for a faster access to the funds.

Norway, Island and Liechtenstein use the EEA pact to be part of the European Union Internal Market without being members of the Union. All EU member countries are implicit parties of the EEA Accord.

The financial support will focus on environment, energy, health, sstainable development and human resource development.