Romania’s suspended President Traian Basescu dismissed in an interview broadcast by Radio Free Europe on Monday that he would push for a France-style presidential republic, saying voters are the ones to decide what form of state organization was best for Romania.

He also dismissed claims that he was influenced by a group of interest as “this is the sort of confusion for which these people [Basescu’s opponents] paid a lot of money to bring about.”

Regarding what kind of state organization is best for Romania, he said that “from my point of view, any solution is good, if it is functional in the constitution. An essential condition for this solution is its acceptance by and the willingness of Romanians.

“There is no use in proposing a parliamentary republic, if the voters want a semi-presidential one, and no use in proposing a monarchy, if they want the republic. Therefore we must take into account the will of the 22 million Romanians and give them a constitution in compliance with their will.”

He said King Michael of Romania was right when he warned last week of the urgent need for changes in the Romanian Constitution to clear up what each institution of power must and must not do.

“The current constitution does not provide any solutions in the case there are disputes between the powers of the government. None of the powers in the state -- no matter whether it is about the judiciary, or the Constitutional Court, or the parliament, or the executive -- controls the levers to unlock this political situation”, Basescu said.

And speaking to his repeated attacks on business people linked to the parties that have suspended him in Parliament, he said “Oligarchs should not be confused with the business community.

"They are the few who have made fortunes thanks to facilities from government, people who have become very rich and now give orders to politicians, those who are supported financially by the oligarchs and who have turned into puppets of certain businessmen like [Conservative Party leader Dan] Voiculescu, [Rompetrol owner Dinu] Patriciu, and many others.”