Romanian Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu spoke against suspended President Basescu this weekend, accusing him of a totalitarian attitude as a power-hungry politician who has threatened the Romanian Constitution.

Tariceanu also dismissed Basescu’s claims that he was following the orders of Romanian oil mogul Dinu Patriciu and rejected accusations that his National Liberal Party (PNL) was working closely with the opposition Social Democrats (PSD).

Tariceanu said he understood Basescu did not want him as prime minister as early as 2005. And he also accused the suspended head of state of attempting a “political coup” within the PNL by using ex-PNL president Theodor Stolojan, who was removed from the party in the meantime.

Tariceanu also alleged that Basescu threatened the constitutional order by showing no consideration towards the Parliament. He also spoke of Basescu’s “intention to interfere with the Government” and sampled with Basescu’s refusal to have historian Adrian Cioroianu named new Foreign minister.

Tariceanu also said he believed that if voters opt to remove Basescu from office in the May 19 referendum, this should not be a source of worry because procedures to elect a new President would be launched automatically.