Hundreds of people attended demonstrations supporting Romania’s suspended President Traian Basescu in several European and North-American cities over the weekend as Romania’s entering the final week of campaign for a referendum where people will decide whether Basescu stays in office or not. Protests were planned to take place in many cities in eight countries over the weekend.

By Sunday evening, we have received reports of such events in London, Brussels, Montreal and Toronto.

Some 70 Romanians gathered to show their support for Basescu in the British capital on Saturday, chanting slogans such as “Basescu rules!” or “322 - a shame for us, too”, referring to the 322 MPs who voted in favor of Basescu’s suspension in April.

The protest lasted for two hours as participants - mostly students and workers - defied pouring rain to listen to a “proclamation” of support for the Romanian head of state from the Romanian Diaspora abroad.

In Brussels, the pro-Basescu meeting this weekend brought some 100 Romanian citizens, mostly students or people working in Belgium. They gathered before the European Commission - Berliamont building for an hour and a half.

And in Canada, some 80 people gathered for the demonstration that took place in Place de la Roumanie in Montreal on Saturday, while some 300 joined a similar demonstration in Toronto.

On Saturday, the suspended President addressed Romanians worldwide saying that “your negative vote [in the May 19 referendum] will spark a new revolution. One that nobody will be able to steal from you”.

He used the same message to denounce attempts by the anti-Basescu coalition in Bucharest to prove his isolation and thanked Romanians in countries across the world for their support.