The Coalition for a Clean Government (CCG) issued a protest on Thursday, accusing the attempts of blocking the investigations currently conducted against some top politicians.

CCG demanded the resignation of Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu, who caused a huge scandal after trying to replace one of the main directors in the Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (DNA).

CCG also called for a massive presence at the referendum on May 19, warning that "there is a risk for the return of practices subordinating the Justice system by parties trying to live above the law".

The CCG press release also indicates that the Justice Minister obtained a National Integrity Agency law that subordinates the Agency to the Senate, a fact that would lead to "the automatic erasing of senators from the list of persons that should be investigated".

The Agency is a project begun long ago, at the European Commission's demand, being designed to form an institution entitled to check the wealth of dignitaries.