During what appeared to be a normal electoral meeting in the city of Cluj, suspended President Basescu made new bomb-statements about the groups of interests that lead Romania.

Although the traditional oligarch named by Basescu whenever the subject opened was Liberal Dinu Patriciu, owner of giant oil company Rompetrol, the list of moguls significantly increased, now including several names from most Opposition parties.

And the oligarchs who rule Romanian politics are...:

- Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu and his Liberal colleague, Dinu Patriciu, pointed at by Basescu as the true ruler in the Liberal Party;

- Dan Voiculescu, head of the Conservative party, owner of a media empire and profitable businesses;

- Dan Ioan Popescu, Social Democrat "brain", named by Basescu as "the man who organized the corrupt system in the energy market";

- Attila Verestoy, representative of the Hungarians' Democratic Union;

- Viorel Hrebenciuc, the Social Democrat "pulling the strings". Basescu believes that Hrebenciuc put up the conspiracy for his suspension.

- Ion Iliescu - Social Democrat, former president, running his party with a strong hand.

Background info:

DINU PATRICIU: businesses in oil, real estate and media. In politics since 1990, old friend and partner of PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Repeatedly investigated for various financial crimes, never convicted.

DAN VOICULESCU: main shareholder at the GRIVCO group, owner of a media corporation. Former collaborator of the Communist political police (Securitate). Gains seats in the Parliament running along in an alliance with the Social Democrats. One week after the elections joins Basescu for a parliamentarian majority. Votes for Basescu's suspension.

VERESTOY ATTILA: Hungarian Minority leader, became rich through controversial wood and alcohol businesses. A former associate is known as a leading mobster in Verestoy's county, being arrested for a few months and then released.

VIOREL HREBENCIUC: former governor of Bacau county, known as "local baron". Involved in controversial businesses with politicians afterwards convicted or under pursuit. Supporter of Omar Hayssam with the Social Democrat Party. Hayssam was later to become the first citizen officially charged with terrorism.

DAN IOAN POPESCU: Former Industry Minister, with an 11 million euros declared wealth. Currently under investigation for illegal gains.