Justice Minister, Tudor Chiuariu, accused the head of one of the Anti Corruption Prosecution Office (DNA) departments of being too soft in his anti graft actions and demanded his replacement.

Doru Florin Tulus, the "soft prosecutor" handles most of the files involving politicians, will be informed on May 16 on the decision took by the Judges Supreme Council (CSM). The DNA head, Daniel Morar, says the initiative of the Justice Minister came without any previous consultations.

Beside all scandals derived from this interference of the Justice Ministry, Hotnews.ro has the official reactions of the public figures involved.

Doru Tulus: "It's a political move"

The DNA deputy chief, Doru Tulus, said on Tuesday that Chiuariu's demand is has a political motivation. "There was no pressure put on me until this morning. I don't know if such pressure existed in other cases. I have no idea what I am accused of", said Tulus, referring tot he lack of motivation in Chiuariu's gesture.

Democrat Party chief, Emil Boc, believes that the move comes as an attempt to block major files instrumented by the DNA. "It is an attack against the Constitutional basics and the state of law", said Boc.

Tudor Chiuariu: "Morar lies"

The Justice Minister says he tries to keep the DNA away from the political games. "In case the DNA head, Daniel Morar, claims otherwise, he lies", said Chiuariu on Tuesday.

Former Justice Minister, Monica Macovei: "His demand should have come along with some explanations. The lack of arguments shows that it's about politics, after all. He should withdraw his demand and resign or be sacked".

Transparency International: "There are no grounds for revoking Doru Tulus"

Transparency International Romania issued a protest against the Justice Minister's attempt to revoke Doru Tulus from his function.

In a press release, Transparency International Romania considers that revoking a prosecutor isn't possible without first analyzing a situation and discussing the matter with him.

Daniel Morar, the chief of DNA, announced he will submit an official complaint at the Judges' Supreme Council, accusing Chiuariu with interfering with the Justice process: "Chiuariu asked me not to finish any files involving politicians as long as president Traian Basescu is suspended", said Morar.