NATO Foreign ministers will hold an informal reunion in Oslo on April 26-27 that is expected to discuss the decisions of the Riga summit in December 2006 but also the US missile defense plans and the allied mission in Afghanistan.

The talks will also focus on the cooperation between NATO-Russia and NATO-Ukraine as US tensions with Russia have been rising over Washington plans to install a missile defense system in CEE countries and NATO is seeking Ukraine support for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Romania’s new Foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu had sought to use the occasion to meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice but his plans failed as official statements by the Romanian Foreign Ministry said her agenda was too tight and could not find time for such a meeting.

The summit comes at a time when Romania’s new, mostly Liberal government is considering a withdrawal of Romanian troops in Iraq before the end of 2007.

The reunion will also discuss the future role of NATO in Kosovo as international authorities are negotiating a new status for Serbia’s separatist province.