After being almost banned from TV, impeached president Basescu lost almost all his means to present his point of view for the May 19 referendum on his suspension.

Focusing on the political game, the Government tries to buy the popular support with incentives and bonuses, some newspapers accuse. The only problem is, the Dutch embassy claims, is that the Government forgot to bear its battle against corruption.

"The Parliament violated all European recommendations", Evenimentul Zilei warns. The Parliament's decision to allow the president's impeachment to be prolonged comes against the European practices, namely against the Venice Commission for Lawful Democracy decisions.

Not only does the Commission transform the referendum results into a law, but it also forces authorities and media to remain neutral during the decision making spell.

Where some see normality, other see popular bribe. A free Monday to bridge the weekend to the May 1st, a popular holiday. Lower car registration taxes and cheaper natural gas - it all looks for Gandul like a move the Government makes in order to calm people and gain popular support.

At least one of the measures - the car registration tax, is normal, the Government being otherwise summoned to Court by the European Union institutions for breaking the competition rules.

The new tax will take into account the pollution level rather than the age of the imported cars, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Not enough for the anti graft campaign: the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest accuses the Government of "turning soft" in the anti corruption actions.

Ambassador Jaap Werner, along with four other embassies, are involved in anti corruption projects, for the benefit of the specialized Police departments, Cotidianul reads, quoting a letter Werner sent to PM Tariceanu.

Because of the corrupt financial market that made hundreds of thousands of people go bankrupt since 1989, the new private pensions systems is seen with nothing but reticence by Romanians. Social science professionals say the new system will be fully understood and accepted in ten years, Evenimentul Zilei informs.

For a bittersweet ending: Cotidianul publishes an article about the worst disappointments Romanians have with their public leaders due to their collaboration with the Communist political police, Securitate. The article is as valid as a study could be, with 2,322 respondents.