71 Phare projects which make up for 56 % of this European program, started within 2001-2004, have recorded delays in implementation according to the minister of Development, Public Works and Housing (MDPWH ) Laszlo Borbely. These projects amount to over 190 million Euros and should be concluded by 2010.

Most of the projects have been “officially” delayed as the deadlines have been prolonged by additional provisions of the contracts.

Borbely does not want to continue the practice of extending the deadlines but to find solutions to the problems that create the delays. He consulted with the experts of the MDPWH who will provide him in the coming fortnight with suggestions regarding the improvement of the current situation.

Putting off the projects has been a problem that concerned the former Ministry of Integration for the last two years. The prolongation of the deadlines avoided the restitution of the money to the European Union. The causes of the delays range from the entrepreneur companies to the technical assistance provided for the projects.