The opposition Social Democrats (PSD) hit back at popular suspended President Traian Basescu on Sunday with charges of interference with the intelligence community on business issues.

PSD vice-president Dan Nica accused ex-ministers seen as close to Basescu, including ex-Justice minister Monica Macovei and ex-Interior minister Vasile Blaga, of ordering checks on court decisions related to the bankruptcies of economic agents reported in 2002-2007.

Nica's statement came as Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu accused ex-Agriculture minister Gheorghe Flutur of the Democratic Party on Sunday of putting up false reports on the activity of agricultural payment agencies. Tariceanu says Flutur reported a much higher percentage of operational agencies than there really are.

To support his claims, Nica showed part of an unsigned informative note and two other documents of the Interior Ministry and the Romanian Intelligence Service-SRI to county tribunals where such checks were urged.

And Nica urged PM Tariceanu to order his new Interior and Justice ministers to investigate where these requests lead to.

The SRI dismissed the claims replied that the document shown by Nica was a rough counterfeit and said that the Service may sue Nica over his so-called revelations.

The PSD also accused the Democratic Party, the main political group supporting suspended president Traian Basescu, of organizing illegal meetings in support of Basescu and urged new Interior minister Cristian David to act against such moves.