President Traian Basescu participated in the spontaneous meeting in the University Square several hours after the Parliament voted in favor of his suspension on Thursday.

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    The matter of the resignation - which Basescu promised to submit as soon as possible in the event of his suspension - remained unclear, as his only official statement in this regard was: “I will do what’s best for Romania”.

    “You voted three times for me. We will surely meet for the fourth time and I assure you that I will act the same way I did until now, once I am re-elected”, he told thousands of supporters.

    “It seems all formal procedures will end on Monday. I am officially the president of Romania until Monday. I will not hold any electoral speeches until then. The Constitutional Court decided against all 19 charges brought to me by the Parliamentarian commission formed for my suspension and showed that my entire activity was to serve the people”.

    Between 1,000 and 4,000 people were present at demonstrations in favor of the President in downtown Bucharest's University Square on Thursday.