One Romanian professor and at least 32 people died and 28 were wounded in a Virginia university campus sending America in a state of shock on Monday. The bloodiest incident of its kind took place at the Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, where a man of apparently Asian origin went on rampage and killed himself when SWAT troops took over the campus.

Romanian Professor Liviu Librescu’s death was announced on the Virginia Tech official website. He and fellow professor Kevin Granata were killed while holding their courses in the Norris Hall building of the University.

Officials at the US Embassy in Bucharest were not yet able to confirm the information on Monday morning.

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  • The suspect was apparently a student, but US media has been providing only speculation on who he was and what was the cause of the killing spree as the authorities have not yet delivered detailed information on the man’s identity.

    SWAT and FBI have taken control over the campus, but strong winds made it a tough job for helicopters deployed in the area to recover the victims on Monday.

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    The shootings took place in two campus buildings - first in the West Hambler Johnson Hall, where 895 students lived. Two hours later, the killing spree moved to the Norris Hall nearby, where many victims were reported. Some of the dead were found in a classroom, the local police has announced.

    President George W. Bush said he was terrified of the tragedy which would be felt in every community across America.

    President Bush offered his prayers to the victims and the people of Virginia, saying the tragedy would be felt in every community in the country. The US Senate kept a moment of recollection in remembrance of the victims, while the Virginia state governor Tim Kaine dropped a visit to Japan to be present at the university campus.

    University officials announced that dozens of psychological consultants and psychiatrists were deployed to offer assistance to students and the victims’ families.

  • Photo gallery: the Virginia Tech massacre