Some 1.2 billion euro will be used for the construction of express ways as an intermediary solution between highways and national roads across Romania, a top representative of the industry announced on Monday. Mihai Grecu of the National Company of Highways and National Roads said express ways will be built between Arad-Oradea, Turda-Sebes, Pitesti-Craiova and Tetea-Satu Mare-Baia Mare.

Freshly named Transport minister Ludovic Orban detailed on Monday the priorities of his ministry and presented two new managers within the institutions - Mihai Grecu and Sorin Supuran. The latter will run the Romanian Road Authority.

Pressure for the construction of highways is huge in Romania, where only two such roads exist. But the lack of funds allows only the construction of few highways in the coming future - across areas which the European Union sees as key for EU transport routes.

Grecu announced today that bidding documents for the construction of the new express ways will be announced within a fortnight.