Tudor Chiuariu, the new Justice Minister, decaled on Friday that he would not interfere with the Justice actions, but merely meet according to a schedule, so that all the influential managers would follow the same trend and targets.

In a TV interview , Chiuariu took position against the newspapers that commented on the influence controversial businessman Dinu Patriciu will have on the new cabinet. "It's all horns and trumpets blew by president Basescu's obedient media", said Chiuariu.

Chiuariu says he would follow some of the legacy projects launched by the former Justice Minister, Monica Macovei, including the National Integrity Agency, supposed to be officially opened "in a week or two".

Among his own plans, Chiuariu intends to introduce the free-of-charge juridical consultancy, info points and a computer network for citizens, all in order to make the slow Justice actions more efficient.

During the interview, Chiuariu said it is not his intention to attack anyone, yet never stopped making remarks against both the former minister, Monica Macovei, and her main supporter, president Traian Basescu.