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”PM Tariceanu: President Basescu must pay for his attitude” “President Basescu: Tariceanu exports political tensions”

President - PM war reopens

Vineri, 13 aprilie 2007, 0:00

President Traian Basescu sent a message through the Presidential Administration, accusing the prime minister of “exporting political tensions”. PM Tariceanu reacted earlier on Friday, while visiting Zagreb, to the exclusive interview Basescu accepted for the daily newspaper “Cotidianul”.

“The prime minister’s attempt to discredit the Romanian president while meeting the European Commissioner for Justice, Franco Frattini, in Zagreb, is a prove of political irresponsibility”, said Basescu, adding that Tariceanu had a major role to play in generating the current political tensions.

Tariceanu responded on Friday to the interview published on Thursday by Cotidianul, claiming that “Basescu was less interested in Romanians’ fundamental problems and more in conflicts and battles that caused a social cleavage”.

In a statement for Antena 3, Tariceanu said that “it’s maybe the time for president Basescu to pay for this attitude he maintained in a manner I personally don’t understand”.

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