Romanian President Traian Basescu says in an interview to be published by the Cotidianul newspaper on Friday that a possible decision by the Parliament to suspend him might make him decide to resign.

He would also consider the possibility of calling both early presidential elections and a referendum for the introduction of an uninominal vote, Realitatea TV has announced, quoting the NewsIn press agency.

A parliamentary commission has decided that the President has breached the Romanian Constitution on several accounts since named in office. A parliamentary vote on the findings is expected soon.

The Constitutional Court decided recently that President Basescu did breach the Constitution on several occasions but not in so serious a manner as to have him suspended.

According to Realitatea TV, Basescu says he will not “give up the fight” as a possible parliamentary decision to have him suspended “has become a political act without a constitutional reasoning. In these circumstances, a referendum on the dismissal of the President means an electoral clash between me and the Parliament”, he says in the interview.

He says that in case of suspension “those who generated this abuse must be brought before voters. Immediately after the vote, only my resignation would be what would bring us all before the electorate”.

Rumors that the head of state might resign have been circulating for weeks. Basescu has been at loggerheads with the governing Liberals and opposition Social Democrats and Conservatives on many issues for the past year. The parliamentary commission considering his suspension is led by Conservative Party leader Dan Voiculescu.

The Cotidianul newspaper, the NewsIn agency and Realitatea TV belong to Romanian media group Realitatea. Cotidianul announced in its Thursday edition that it would publish an interview with Basescu tomorrow.